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‘She can try his penis’ – YouTube star reveals why she let her best friend have sex with her boyfriend

Youtube star

A YouTube star has revealed why she let her best friend have sex with her boyfriend.
Vlogger Lena Nersesian, from California, in the US, has posted a video explaining why she is more than comfortable with Emily ‘trying out’ her partner Adam in the sack.

In a clip called ‘I Let My Best Friend Have Sex With My Boyfriend’ the two girls can be seen posing in black underwear before embarking on a threesome.
Lena, who is best known as ‘Lena The Plug’, says: “I trust Emily and thought this would be kind of fun. Girls share their sexual stories with each other, friends tell each other everything.
“Emily’s seen pictures of Adam’s d***, she knows all about our sex life I tell her everything. Now I don’t have to tell her, she can just try his penis.”
The clip, which features both girls twerking in skimpy outfits, has now been viewed nearly seven million times.
“I’ve been seeing Adam for a few months and we are both sexually pretty open to having other girls join, it’s kind of weird and controversial to have your best friend join,” Lena explains.
The girls then invite Adam to the camera.
He says: “Let me just say, I can’t even wrap my f****** head around how my life got to the point where I’m engaging in – not only this activity in the first place – but with two girls that look like this.”
He said he was happy to take part in the experiment but was feeling the pressure to “perform”.
Users have reacted in shock at the racy clip.
One said: “Is this s*** even allowed on YouTube?”
“How sad,” another wrote. “Anything for the likes. Bet they didn’t even go through with it.”
Lena has almost 900,000 subscribers on her channel.
In her YouTube description it reads: “Come for the booty, stay for my irresistible charm.”
Earlier this year, Lena caused a stir when she promised to release a sex tape if she got 1 million subscribers.
Many commenters slammed the clip as publicity stunt, while others claimed she already has a number of sex videos online, even posting direct links to the alleged footage.

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