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‘At least she left me for Messi!’ – Ex-boyfriend of Barca star’s wife shows there’s no hard feelings


It’s never nice to see an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend with someone else; affairs of the heart are a sensitive subject and even though years might have passed, one will always feel a pang of regret when seeing a former partner photographed with their current one.

But hey, if you’re going to lose your girl to another man, it may as well be to a living legend.
As reported by ​AS, such is the fate that has befallen the ex-boyfriend of one Antonella Roccuzzo – aka Mrs Lionel Messi. The happy couple got married on Saturday and while it was believed the two lovebirds had been an item for practically their entire lifetimes, there was a period when she was in the arms of another.
For the record, Messi and Roccuzzo only officially started dating in 2007; for an indeterminate time before that date, she was dating someone else. Fair enough .
Either way, that’s all in the past, and, when asked to comment on Antonella’s recent union with the player many believe to the greatest to ever don a pair of football boots, the young man simply had the following to say:
”At least she left me for Messi.”
Yep. Fair enough.

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